Youtube Call to Arms


A video posted to youtube, with text to speech software reading the text. The background flashes a pattern over a gradient. When the background is pieced together, it forms an image of text over the gradient, reading “ – The Soothsayer”

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The read text.

A new age has arrived in humanity. One where the limitations we have been told are being cast aside. Around the world individuals are beginning to find their potential and meet new extremes. Can you feel it?

There are dangers in this new world. People mistaking tools for weapons. The empowered feeling as gods. Or worse yet, traded as commodities. With this new world must come a new mindset. Clarity before clout. Patience before power.

None of the gifted should stand alone. Find your allies. We grow through those around us. Build your strengths while those that understand you guard your weaknesses. A circle is the only way to look on at all fronts.

Many are seeing this new way as a game. And they are right, it is a game. As Wittgenstein noted “all games have winners and losers” and in this there certainly will be winners and losers. However in this game it it isn’t about picking sides, but choosing actions.

Soon the world’s perception of itself will be confronted. The extra-ordinary will become the ordinary. And the ordinary will be made the extra-ordinary. This is not a quixotic quest. This is a revelation. And you are one step closer to becoming part of it.

Youtube Call to Arms

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