“And Not For Justice” will be a supers game, in the same vein as X-Men or Heroes. I am looking for 3-5 players. The game is expected to run for about a year, and will meet every other week, most likely on Sunday afternoons. Gameplay will likely contain strong elements of investigation, ethical dilemmas, and puzzle and problem solving, with some combat and a certain amount of dramatic dialogue.

The game is set among the junior students at Dalton Preparatory, a private high school with about 150 students, situated in Evanston, Illinois: a direct suburb of Chicago. While many students are children of wealthy families, military families are given large tuition waivers, and numerous scholarships are available based on merit or need. A few students in this school, mostly in the junior class, have developed strange and unusual powers. The game will begin several weeks after the first inklings of these powers emerge.

The system will be an extremely pared-down version of GURPS, augmented with the nature/demeanor system from old White Wolf games and a few other mechanics. A free PDF of ‘GURPS lite’ is available on the SJ games website, which introduces the system in sufficient detail that owning the books is unnecessary.

Character generation is flexible and will be done interactively between the ST and the player. Ideally there will be at least one telepath (accomplished), one combat-capable character, and one researcher/oracle/hyperintelligence (accomplished).


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