Dalton Preparatory

The high school in which the game takes place, Dalton Preparatory is a private high school with about 150 students, situated at 2081 Ashland Ave in Evanston, Illinois: a direct suburb of Chicago. While many students are children of wealthy families, military families are given large tuition waivers, and numerous scholarships are available based on merit or need. The school day is broken into six blocks and two periods for lunch and PE. Every grade is broken into homerooms of 12-16 students, who share an advisor and general schedule. The building has a two-story floor plan.

Model of Dalton Preparatory



The PC’s are in Mr. Kearns Junior homeroom, and have the following rough schedule.

  • Homeroom
  • A Block Physics with Dr. Henry McCammant
  • B Block Electives: Art, languages, and otherwise.
  • Period 1 Physical Education
  • Period 2 Lunch
  • C Block English Lit with Ms. Bethany Mihaly
  • D Block Mathematics (various)
  • E Block Free
  • F Block Modern European History with Mr. Kearns


  • Gymnastics Unlike most P.E. classes, gymnastics meets after school, with students bused in from other private schools. People taking gymnastics are expected to practice on their own during P.E., but in reality it is often treated as a free block.
  • The Colosseum The school newspaper, which publishes twice a month. Not known for its in-depth reporting, but what do you expect from a student rag?
  • Sports Basketball (games starting in October) and baseball (games starting in the Spring) are the most popular, but there are intramural volleyball and soccer teams, while football and martial arts are offered as P.E. options.


  • School colors are crimson and gold.
  • Mascot is the Hoplite, teams are the Crimson Hoplites.
  • There are no uniforms.
  • Upperclassmen have off-campus privileges for lunch.

Dalton Preparatory

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