Custom Rules


  • Almost all powers must take the ‘costs fatigue’ modifier. Costs fatigue is per scene for maintained powers, not per minute. Many minor uses of powers will not cost fatigue.
  • Everyone will start with an energy pool of 3.
  • The Skills List is greatly abbreviated. Skills cost the same. More general skills have become harder. I encourage specialization.
  • Self Control rolls are based on Will, not 12, unless this becomes abused.


  • There is no defense roll in combat. Dodge is a modifier to attack roll, based on move-3. Acrobatics can still be used. Parry/block is ½ skill-3.
  • Damaging hand-to-hand attacks use Brawl. Disabling hand-to-hand attacks use Judo, regardless of the actual training involved. You can parry with either.
  • Assume none of the optional combat rules are used.
  • Fatigue and energy will be managed using colored beads.

Thematic elements

  • Telepathy is not a well-controlled ability. I encourage you to pass strong thoughts to telepaths, either verbally or through stickynotes.

Custom Rules

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