Character Generation

Character generation is extremely open, will start interactively between each player and the ST, and will be finalized during the first hour or so of the first game as relationships between characters are worked out. Feel free to suggest any variety of power you can think of: GURPS is quite flexible, and I will bend it further if necessary. There are prompts for power concepts below.

To begin character generation, I will need a concept. Roughly, be able to provide:

  • Character name
  • Nature and Demeanor
  • Family composition and class/social status/occupation.
  • What clique(s) do you fit in? Are you a geek, jock, stoner, military brat, scene kid…
  • Thematic concept for power(s): what powers do you want; how does it feel to use them; what are the first manifestations; what would be an extreme manifestation; how do you see the powers develop? These are not set in stone, and may change over chargen and play.

Also consider:

  • How does the character feel about the emerging powers?
  • How do you get along with your family?
  • What was the first inkling you had about your powers?
  • How do you feel about school?
  • What are your plans for when you graduate?

Characters start with 100 points, max 50 disadvantages, to use on mundane attributes. You further start with 50 point (and 25 disadvantages) to be used on powers and related expenses. You manage the 100. I manage the 50. Points gained during gameplay are managed by you, but can be spent in small ways on powers (to remove disadvantages or increase energy pool, for instance), talents, and esoteric skills. Powers may also increase through gameplay, which I will manage. Since you may not know the full extent of your own powers, I encourage you to try and stretch them in-character.

Basic rules can be found in Gurps Lite, although look at the abbreviated Skills List and Custom Rules.

Prompts for powers:

  • Flight, telepathy, telekinesis, super strength, teleportation, phasing through walls.
  • Precognition and oracular ability, including the ability to query a specific topic. Doing so requires amyl nitrate.
  • Semi-autonomous animation of totemic representations of persons and animals, most specifically cloth figures, including minor transformation to grant access to species-appropriate weaponry. “Did that teddy bear just grow claws?”
  • The power to force people to speak in actual word balloons.
  • Machine control, ability to intercept wireless transmissions within a six-block radius.
  • The power to open a small wormhole connected to the photosphere of the sun.
  • Limited weather control, ability to fly when holding an umbrella, commands that must be obeyed if you can convince the target they are naughty.
  • The power to memorize a book by touching the spine.
  • The power to take on the shape of anything whose heart you’ve eaten.
  • Localized temporal distortions, allowing you to move faster, make other move slower, or freeze objects.
  • Psychometry, extending to preternatural control of chains when fighting.
  • The ability to push an object into a parallel version of itself.
  • Capable of transforming into living shadow. For a few rounds, radiate extreme amounts of heat as your skin turns black, then turn insubstantial and inflict freezing cold.
  • Two seconds of foresight: perfect for fighting and the ultimate quick retort (Rapier Wit)
  • The ability to subvert the nervous system of another person, through tiny tendrils across the base of the hand that penetrate the skin.
  • The power to inflict physically damaging projections of rage.
  • Find an answer to any question by surfing the web, always ending up on a (somehow) useful webpage.
  • Extensive calcification of dermal collagen, resulting in skin that will cut, abrade, and bleed, but cannot be punctured.
  • Cellular metabolism that functions at peak efficiency under anaerobic and hypoglycemic conditions, eliminating the requirement for food, air, or blood flow. “Dude, I can see your spine.” With or without increased resistance to infection.
  • A great store of energy, which can be transferred to others. With practice, taken from others. With even greater practice, at range. When fully developed, from their life energy.
  • The ability to sense your own life force, and project it from you as an invisible force.


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