And Not For Justice

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Episode 1 - TGIF
In which we learn we're not alone

Mr. Kearns was late today, which never happens. Then there was the school assembly, where the principal was talking about the school having an arsonist, and he burst into flames mid-speech. Christian tried to put the principal out, Tywen went for a fire extinguisher while the rest of the room spontaneously combusted around them. After noticing a fellow student giggling, Kayla attempted to dive-tackle him, at which point he promptly burst into flames. With the help of Ailisa and Tywen, Kayla brought him down, after which Mr. Kearns knocked him unconscious and framed him. During the takedown, the four super-students found themselves in a Matrix-like white room, while time in the ‘real world’ appeared to have stopped.

After the takedown, and the cops interviewing those involved, the super-students met for lunch and came clean about their strange experiences over the last month or two. Ailisa revealed that she has some sort of reflective protective skin, Tywen can teleport, Kayla can read thoughts and project her own, and Christian has sleep-induced prophetic dreams. After discussing their ‘powers’ for a bit, the four decided to split up. Ailisa and Kayla went to the police station to find Vincent, the student who had been setting the fires, while Tywen and Christian went to find Mr. Kearns, to find out why he had covered for them and framed Vincent. The girls had no luck at the station, and met Tywen back at the school to search in vain for Mr. Kearns. Christian induced a dreamstate for himself to see what he could learn. After he woke and said he saw visions of more fire, the four went to Mr. Kearns’ house and confronted him. He was confused, and agreed to touch base with the students more often, but didn’t seem to have an explanation for what was happening to them. The students left Mr. Kearns’ house, and Kayla went to Tywen and Christian’s to attempt to share Christian’s next series of dreams.

And that was Friday.

How many are there really?

Today began with Kayla leaving Christian’s house, they didn’t get anywhere with the dreams. They made plans for Saturday night at Kayla’s house. This time dreams were impressed on a little and Kayla learned she can push some thoughts as well. Saturday afternoon Kayla and Ailisa went to Ailisa’s home to test her limits of changing skin. Some very interesting stuff happen there. Very tough skin once it is activated.

We met with Mr. Kearns and discussed what happen over the weekend. He asked all of us to take a defense class in the morning to learn our powers better. Also we are suppose to work on blocking mental stuff as well. Ailson is no longer in charge of Les Joyeux. Jaclyn Thompson is, and has taken a number of her friends with her. According to Kayla Alyson’s old followers seem odd and keep repeating thoughts every few minutes. Very interesting, and suggests that someone is using powers to influence the social scene. Despite an attempt at cheating, Chris reasserted his dominance over Cory after-school, in a knockout video posted on Youtube.

Kayla and Ailisa went to the police station and Vincent wasn’t there still, checked the hospital. Ailisa was able to hack in to the hospital computer thanks to a nurse that left her computer up.Found out Vincent was doing ok but still needed to be there a few more days. A police man was guarding his room. Kayla was able to get close enough to hear Vincent’s thoughts. Nothing exciting. Ailisa tried to start a fight with Jaclyn to get her alone and in the white room. She doesn’t seem to be the leader or brain washing the group. Very odd

Ty can transport light things, objects, and people with him if he thinks hard about it. Kayla is able to get in with Jaclyn’s group and realizes through Mattie’s thoughts she might be the one in charge but not sure. Kayle was tried to push thoughts into Mattie’s head and got a bloody nose. Kayla switches free periods to get in with Jaclyn’s group.

Further investigation suggests that Emily might be the one responsible for putting Jaclyn in power, and further is using her powers to get Jon to date her. That night Ty and Christian broke in to the school records and got pictures Emily’s files.

Hope we can get to Emily in time to get her on our side. not sure if she realizes it or not.

Or: When Dinner Dates Attack
  • Chris and Ty break into Emily Page’s house, which shows signs of neglect, and discover a substantial cache of money. Chris helps himself to 50k of it. Looking at her computer indicates her dad is afraid of her.
  • Kayla reveals her powers to Emily, and the two make plans to meet at Emily’s house later. Chris joins the meeting, and Emily appears amenable to helping the group with Victor and befriending them in general. The group keeps Mr. Kearns’ involvement and their morning training sessions from Emily.
  • The party goes in for genetic testing, seeking a common background. Although expensive and time consuming, no link emerges.
  • The party looks for Victor, but he has left the hospital.
  • Emily rebuffs Chris’ offer to help her emancipate from her dad, claiming she is now happy with the way things are.
  • While attempting to prevent her skin from deflecting attacks, Ailisa learns to control the color of her skin.
  • The party goes through some of Chris’ dream logs, and discovers that, with a little chemical assistance, they can replay them in the white room.
  • Kayla gains some popularity through association with Emily.
  • The party pulled Mr. Kearns into the white room, briefly and with effort.
  • Emily and Kayla go shopping for dresses, and Kayla learns what Emily’s powers feel like when used.
  • Ty, Chris, Kayla and Emily go on a date, to try and hook Ty and Emily up. Ty is less than romantic, and extreme discomfort ensues.
Wednesday (morning)
  • Kayla gets the evil eye around school: someone has been spreading a rumor that she’s been buying drugs off Chris, using them to incapacitate girls for Ty, and leaving them to wake up in the morning. No one has come forward to support these claims, but they have some shelf-life.
Rumors, Records, and Oaths.
We are not alone


Kayla is dealing with a rumor that she is drugging girls for Tywen. Supposedly Colleen is behind them, but Kayla is unable to extract a verbal or mental confession. None the less Kayla causes Colleen to black out in the middle of gymnastics practice. With Kayla’s unwitting consent, Emily forces Colleen to falsify a confession that she, in fact, was drugging girls, causing the poor girl to run from the school and not return the next week.


Ailisa receives a package from a ex-journalist in Los Angeles, forwarded to her by her contact at the Sun-Times. The package contains information about the 2007 senior class of Santa Monica High School. A number of students from that class have vanished into thin air, and there is a faint trail of damage and oddities. None of these were reported, leading to speculation of a conspiracy. Ailisa calls the journalist, who confirms her suspicions of a conspiracy, saying that ‘no one was interested in the story,’ but that ‘many of the parents are still desperately looking for their children.’


On Wednesday, Mr. Kearns tells the party that Kevin Boyer has stopped talking to anyone at school, and asks them to investigate. Thursday morning Kayla confronts him, and reading his thoughts find out he is desperate for her not to thank him. So she thanks him. After bringing him into the white room, she discovers she is now in his debt, and he can force her to repay it. He ends up thanking her, by accident, and agrees in exchange to not tell anyone about the party’s powers. He has apparently become bound by the rules that govern ‘fair folk’ in legends: he cannot lie, and any obligations given or received gain supernatural force. Apparently he can even ‘feel’ the balance of debt between him and another person.

Friday, Tywen and Chris discover that Kevin can be stopped by an iron horseshoe over the doorway, and that iron causes him to ‘burn’, but that his blood is apparently normal and human and, separate from his body, does not react to iron. Mr. Kearns tells Kevin to come in Saturday and try and learn control.

A Running Game
We are not alone, and they are assholes

Gymnastics Regionals

  • Everyone but Chris goes to the regional to support Kayla. Chris had to bulk up on supplies before the elder Alexander got home.
  • Kayla got a bronze overall, silver in vault, and bronze in floor, doing the best among the local gymnasts.

Congratulatory Dinner

  • The party went to Buffalo Joe’s Sea Food to celebrate, where they were supposed to meet up with Chris. Unfortunately, Chris was missing, having walked out on his bill.
  • Twyen finds Chris’ phone, lost in the corner of the booth. His phone had several texts talking about ‘some crew is eating up the food chain’ of his drug supply line. Texting the most recent contact proves unhelpful.
  • The oh-so-helpful waitress tells the group that Chris left with “a pretty chinese girl”, who had her hand on his forearm.
  • The restaurant had recently installed cameras, the records of which were opened with a mild bribe from Tywen. The party saw Chris leave, apparently under Jessica’s influence, and saw her car: a red 80’s Chevette.

The Hunt Begins

  • Leaving Kevin behind, the party begins driving after the Chevette, a seemingly hopeless task, even in Tywen’s sporty car. Fortunately, Tywen manages to teleport into the Chevette. Unfortunately, he was the one driving.
  • Narrowly averting several accidents, Alisa brings the car under control and meets Tywen outside of a metal warehouse.
  • Creeping inside, Ailisa spots a hooded man, who is cataloguing drugs stolen from Chris. After a brief skirmish, Ronnie escapes. Kayla hears him think “must get Kyle out of the school.”

Locker-room Antics

A stealthy Ailisa, backed up by Tywen, finds a hyper-focused boy going through Chris’ locker, oblivious to the ringing of his cell phone. Before they can interrogate him more thoroughly, a seven-and-a-half foot tall hulking figure knocks him out of his trance with a pebble. Kyle’s preternaturally skilled dodging allows him to escape Ailisa and the school, covered by Kittrel’s more imposing form.

An Interlude For a Drug Dealer

Before the party can regroup, they get an angry call from Jacob: Chris’ drug supplier. He meets up with them and tells them a gang of stick-up artists called ‘the KC crew’, have been tearing throughdrug dealers and suppliers in Chicago, working their way north.

Return To The Scene of the Crime

  • The party calls Mr. Kearns and arranges to meet up with him at the warehouse. Investigating the room, Mr. Kearns’ secret background somehow leads him to a stash of money.
  • They are interrupted by Jessica, who has come back to recover said money… and is quickly captured by Tywen. Jessica tells them that Chris is fine, and she’s just “made him go to sleep.” Her method of ‘making people’ seems to involve the seeping blisters with thin, wiggling, tendrils that cover her palm. Ew.
  • Using Jessica’s phone, Kayla arranges a swap, at the warehouse, for half an hour. Precisely nineteen minutes later, the warehouse is swarmed… Kittrel, in his full four-armed glory, backed up by Kyle, Ronnie, and Carmen.

Battle Royal. A very quick Battle Royal.

  • Tywen teleports Jessica to the rooftop, giving himself a bargaining card. Ailisa demonstrates that Kyle’s dodging ability is no match for an iron-weighted fist to the gut, while Mr. Kearns finds out it is a bad idea to go up against four-armed monstrosities. Ronnie grazes Kayla with a long-ranged energy attack, and Carmen restrains Ailisa with a telekinetic force.
  • Kayla manages to disrupt Carmen’s telekinesis for a short time, enabling Ailisa and Kittrel to exchange blows that would have left anyone else bloody. Unfortunately, Kayla is knocked down by Ronnie’s energy blast, and Carmen regains her grip on Ailisa.
  • Carmen’s grip gets stronger as she approaches Ailisa, and, restrained, Ailisa is helpless as Kittrel continues to pound on her. Dodging more of Ronnie’s blasts, Kayla slides and trips Kittrel, keeping him off balance.
  • Tywen returns from dropping Jessica off, and promptly grabs Carmen, teleporting her nearly half a mile into the air. Whether from surprise or the shock of being pulled from her telekinetic target, Carmen passes out.
  • Kayla manages to leap around Kittrel and grab his arm, letting Ailisa get a few solid hits in.
  • Now that the party has both Carmen and Jessica, Ronnie calls a halt to the fight. An exchange of prisoners later, and the KC Crew escapes with all the money, all the drugs, and three severely wounded. The Dalton Prep group, having only two badly wounded people, count themselves the victor.

Parental Intervention

  • With less than ten minutes to spare, Tywen rushes home to have dinner with his father. Chris, still unconscious and with several disturbing red welts in his arm, is stashed at Ailisa’s place.
  • After dinner, Tywen, Kayla, and Ailisa reveal themselves to the Senator Alexander. After escorting the telepath far, far away, Senator Alexander says he will arrange for testing for the three of them, somewhere in Sweden. The party barely manages to talk him out of withdrawing Tywen from Dalton, and he doesn’t seem convinced.
  • Using Jessica’s phone, Kittrel flirts with Ailisa, long-distance. Apparently she has an admirer.


  • Kayla comes home injured from the KC crew, and only managed to fend off her frantic parents by telling them she ‘fell out of a tree’ on a dare from Ailisa’s brother. Ailisa managed to intercept the call, but Kayla’s mom promised to see Ailisa’s during parent-teacher conferences.
  • After a bit of a mess in Ailisa’s closet, Chris is teleported to his room and left for the family to find. Despite suspicion on part of Marty, nothing is linked back to Tywen. He is sent to a private hospital.


  • Monday begins preparation for Halloween carnival.
  • The party tells Mr. Kearns about the Santa Monica high school.
  • Upon research, the party find evidence of the KC Crew, and some names. Warlock, the Witch, the Puppeteer, and the Demon.
  • Alisa texts with Kittrel, but cannot get him to reveal anything about his origins: he fears the Warlock too much.


  • The party tells Kearns about Emily, although not by name.
  • Emily vanishes from public eye for half a day. The part finds out that the man she told to give her money and “forget” killed himself. He found a way to forget.


  • Ailisa sent messages on Facebook to some of the Santa Monica people, claiming to be relatives of one of the students, trying to get in contact.
  • The party visits Chris in the hospital, and Kayla gets briefly trapped in his dream.


  • Carnival! The party is approached by Mattie (dressed as Strawberry Shortcake) because she has, like, become haunted by a ghost.
  • Mattie painted a symbol on the floor, which has become etched into the ground of the haunted house. It now whispers to her whenever she stands near.
  • The book she found the symbol in is a guide on how to be possessed by a spirit, so it can live another life on earth. Mattie is not so happy about this.
  • Although the party manages to deface the symbol, Mattie still hears whispers.
  • The party binds the symbol is cold iron, and Mattie still hears whispers.
  • As midnight approaches, Kayla lies to her parents to help out. She talks Mattie through the impending possession, in which voices become louder and direct her to give in.
  • Only at the last minute, with Mattie crying and Kayla urging her on, does it become obvious that the Paxton twins are responsible, and the video is posted on Youtube.


  • Kayla is grounded for her lies.
  • Emily plots to get revenge on the Paxton twins.


  • Despite Tywen’s intervention, Kayla is unable to escape her punishment. Thus she has to sneak out, with a bit of teleportation, to visit Chris.
  • Visiting Chris at night, the party tries to go into his dreams to rescue him before he is taken away.
A Minor Reversal
Waking nightmares


The party rescues Chris from his dreams. He is trapped in one dream, which ends badly, over and over. Each person who arrives unlocks another dream of their own. By exploring the dreams, the party unlocks the proper ending: one in which more people die, but the protagonists escape.

Dream 1: The Op

Chris is the handler for a deep undercover agent. The agent has been compromised, and Chris gets message after message on the wire, as they are discovered, cornered, captured, and killed. He discusses the matter with his advisor, but they are unable to save them: until a research scientist gives them the activation codes for a secret project, the Pandora project. The project rescues the agent, but at some hideous death toll.

Dream 2: The Argument

Kayla is a research scientist, who has developed the Pandora device: some secret technology. The leader of the organization thinks it is too dangerous, and wants to shut the project down. Kayla brings in an agent, who has befriended the wife of the leader, and blackmails the leader with the details of his affair. Given the presence of a cleaner, and the hint of a threat against his mistress, the leader caves and gives the project funding, and the research scientist the access codes.

Dream 3: The Affair

Ailisa is an agent and friend to the wife of the leader of their organization. The wife suspects the leader of cheating, and wants the party to search his house for proof. Finding a hidden compartment in the desk, the party recovers the information, but convinces the wife to keep secret: at least for now.

Dream 4: The Coverup

Tywen is a cleaner, sent to a house to remove evidence. He is being held at gunpoint by a female agent, who is frantic over the death she has witnessed. Calming her down with the presence of her handler, she shows them a secret compartment in her desk, that contains money and a clean identity. The handler assumes responsibility for the death, and runs off with the agent, leaving the cleaner to burn the house to the ground.


  • The party wakes up, and escapes so Chris can call a nurse and get the catheter out.
  • Chris seems to have recovered, but reality keeps fracturing around him, disorienting him at the worst moments. Time and reality break up around him, motions blur, voices become incomprehensible as if reverbed.
  • Chris wants to run away, but Mr. Kearns talks them out of it, and into going to Sweden for testing. He is not pleased they talked with Senator Alexander, but suggests they take what advantages of it that they can.
  • Back at school, Emily exacts revenge on the Paxton twins: they publicly confess love to Mattie and sing to her. Youtube videos go up, and they decide to catch a flu for a few days.
  • The group gets ready to visit Sweden and be poked and prodded. Chris convinces Tywen’s dad to take him along… he was just in a coma. Kayla has a harder time, but manages to get her parents on board with a little help from the senator. Everything seems to drag as they pack, prepare, and get ready.


And then the fire alarm goes off. Vincent is back, and the party finds him in the gymnasium. He has changed: grown far more powerful, his body apparently infused with flames, and his mind has been somehow shielded. He has taken the time to burst the water pipes and all the fire extinguishers, and sets about the party with blasts of fire and gouts of flame. In the first few moments of the battle, Mr. Kearns is gravely injured.

Tywen manages to port water from the swimming pool into the gymnasium, using it to slow down Vincent. Ailisa finds a new ability: the ability to somehow lock Vincent’s power into herself, keeping everyone else safe. Kayla distracts him with the remains of a fire extinguisher. Together, the three keep him busy until Chris makes his way back with a gun and fires on Vincent.

Just as Chris pulls the trigger, reality fractures around him. This time he realizes it is not fracturing, but branches. Reaching for one particular possible future, Chris exhales a fraction of a second later, shifts his hand, and shoots Vincent just as he blinks. As Vincent dies, he thinks out “No. You promised. Gyre, you promised.” Discovering Mr. Kearns has not survived his wounds, the party plants the gun on him.


The boys, injured, are hospitalized, and Senator Alexander brings in doctors. Kayla and Ailisa are shortly brought in as well, for further testing. Ailisa is unable to control her abilities, and the doctors discover her shifting skin when they try to give her an injection. Shortly thereafter, Kayla, Tywen, and Ailisa are brought into a quarantined clinic, separated from their friends and families. The doctors rarely come in, and their thoughts make little sense to Kayla, but the nurses are more revealing. “Freaks”, “mutants”, “dangerous”. Instead of an enlightening journey, the doctors have captured and isolated the party. Apparently something is discovered, because Chris joins them a few days later. The only bright spot seems to be a plague of mechanical and computer problems: data going missing, tests coming up inconsistent, and communications breakdowns between staff and doctors.

The party is left with plenty of time to debate their questions. What are Senator Alexander’s plans for them? Who, or what, is the ‘Gyre’? Can Mr. Kearns’ hinted-at friends aid them? What is Emily and Kevin’s fate?

Unseen Forces


  • “Don’t worry, Senator,” Dr. Ellis assures. “We’ve got an anklet on him, and the nurses believe that they’ve all been injected with a tracking device. If the girl can do what you say, he’ll be convinced it’s pointless to try and… teleport… away.”
  • Grumbling obscenities, Emir runs for the elevator out of his apartment, watching the doors close on the boy inside. At the last second the the doors slide open, and gasping for breath, the nurse grins, “Thanks. Dr. Ellis is a real asshole, and I can’t afford to be late. Haven’t seen you around? New here?” “Not exactly,” replies Kevin with a smile.


  • Shaking her head, Sarah argues with the newcomer. “No, look. I know it sounds crazy, but we’ve seen Lawson kid break needles on her skin. And it’s not like superman, it turns to fucking metal. So don’t argue to me about the laws of fucking thermodynamics.”
  • Although the girl, sitting comatose in the chair, has never spoken a word to him, Brandon babbles away. “Yeah, best if we keep everything confused, you know? I mean, people will still find out, but it will be contained, and I’ll make sure no one really pays attention. The odd person will, of course, like a stray muscle fiber, but… not a big deal. It’ll be fine.” He doesn’t sound convincing, even to himself.


  • Taking a deep breath, Kevin turns to Emir besides him. “Just bring me in and introduce me to everyone, and we’ll be even.” The high-schooler shakes his head, “Can’t believe I’m walking /into/ this place,” and takes the box of cupcakes with him. Everyone likes cupcakes, and it’s rude to turn down a gift.
  • Displaying his infamous temper, the entire office can hear Dr. Ellis. “What the hell do you /mean/ the raid failed? What the hell is a raid, and what the hell does that have to do with my God damn data?”


  • Mrs. Carazza frowns, looking around the memorial service. So few of Mr. Kearns’ students there. Turning to her husband, she asks, “Where is Kevin?” Almost angrily, Mr. Carazza snaps his reply, “I can’t even find our daughter, how do you expect me to know where anyone else is? How the fuck can the hospital give me this kind of runaround! There are laws!” Wincing, Mrs. Carazza turns to stare back over the crowd, the silence growing uncomfortable.
  • “Just do your job and make sure they take the pills,” Dr. Ellis snipes. Turning, he frowns at Sarah, “Does this look like take your kid to work day?” Clearly uncomfortable, the nurse responds awkwardly, “Dr. Ellis, this is Kevin. He came to fix the computers. As a favor.” Grumbling, Dr. Ellis reluctantly plays nice, “Well, maybe it’ll take a kid to fix this god-damned mess. I’ll owe you big if you can get the computers running.”


  • “Samantha, what’s going on?” Brandon says, storming into the room. The girl, of course, does not respond. “All the sudden you’re avoiding their computers? Why?” Silence greets him. Grumbling, Brandon turns leaves the room, “You better know what you’re doing.” Only as he is opening the doors do the speakers crackle to life, and a monotone, computerized voice drones out, “You worry so, Zeitgeist. Too many years doing this on your own. Have I disappointed the Gyre yet?”
  • Kevin coughs nervously, looking over the assembled staff. “I’m glad we all met here, even those of you off today. I just have a few request, and then everyone can go. Dr. Ellis, let the patients go, and shut down the lab. I think we can all agree that it would be best to tell the senator that there’s nothing special about the patients. Sarah, destroy all the evidence, and pretend that nothing strange ever happened. Everyone else, just don’t mention to this to anyone.”
I Wanna Be Sedated

The group had been sequestered in an clinic with no known name. The boys and girls were separated in their rooms while tests were being performed on them. Not liking getting answers as to what was going on Chris attempted an escaped, which failed. After taking a nurse’s badge and attempting to escape the room two guards came brandishing shock-sticks.

After a fight the began to release a gas into the room at which point Ty teleported out of the room and opened it so that Chris and Ty could make a break for it. Both were quickly shot with tranq darts and the attempt failed. After several more attempts to escape Chris was isolated and the test continued until their release thanks to Kevin’s efforts.

After leaving the hospital, without their records, the group went to a hotel while attempting to make plans. Chris attempted to find information digitally about the clinic with no success. Ty went to meet his father and discuss his abduction. Kayla sent pictures to her parents telling them she was fine. Ailisa sent information to her contact with updates. Eventually the group decided to go back to their homes and not run away, with Chris toying with the idea of faking his own death.


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