Colby Pittman

Dethroned "Bad-Boy"


Aggressive personality backed by money and lineage.


School tough who’s only fights have been with MMA instructors, all purchased on the family dime. With Colby being the prince in a long line of School Kings he feels, whether true or not, that all should and do bow to him. Not only does he have the money to buy and sell anything he shows the fact off with drug fueled parties for those who’s families are strictly white-collar. He maintains his image by doing such acts as Joy Riding (grand-theft auto and reckless endangerment) though all accounts have been settled out of court.

He’s Christian’s rival… or would be, if Chris hadn’t knocked him flat the first day of school. No one has quite taken him seriously since then, and Chris didn’t even get in trouble because of Tywen’s influence. He’s got eyes on Kayla, though, she’s cute and might not know enough to stay away.

Colby Pittman

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