Ailisa Lawson

The Journalist


Ailisa is 5’2" and 16 years old, a Junior this year at Dalton Prep. She is a second generation Dalton student and Chicago native. Heavily involved in the school paper and journalism, she is sociable, wants to be friends with all, and trusts others until she get lied to… so don’t lie to her.


I was born and raised here in Chicago, Illinois. I am a second generation student at Dalton Preparatory. My grandparents came form Ireland, so I have Irish blood in my system. Yes I know my name is American, parents named me and what can I say. I am proud to be who i am. I am the school reporter for The Colosseum. My mom works for real estate and dad is co-owner of a steel company. I am the middle child with an older and younger brother. Being a junior this year is great. Lots of new opportunities this year, since I am the only Lawson here now, James Graduated and Joshua is in 6th grade. If you need to know something just ask I will help if I can.

Ailisa Lawson

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