And Not For Justice

The Sins of the Father

Episode 9

Game time: Week of Nov 8th, 2010.

  • The group return to their homes with very concerned parents.
  • Tywen and Chris were shackled with bodyguards, who tracked their every movement.
  • With Kevin’s help, the group decides to try and reconstruct what happened. Kevin’s thorough quashing of information has made this more difficult.
  • Bodyguards in tow, the group picks up shredded paper at the Facility where they were held. With some reconstruction technology at work, they try to get through another school day without shadowy forces destroying their information.
  • Managing to outwit the bodyguards for a few minutes, the group finds the house of the doctor and confronts him. Even getting in his head, they are unable to extract any useful information.
  • Piecing together what they can, the group tracks the hospital’s finances back to Senator Alexander.
  • A grand confrontation ensued, during which Kayla found out a Secret from the Senators head. He agreed to pull the bodyguards, and provide them with the funding and finances for their own investigations.


sfogarty sfogarty

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