And Not For Justice

The Enemy of my... Enemy?

Episode 13

Game time: Week of Nov 15th, 2010.

  • The party wakens Mr. Pickell by travelling into his dreams.
  • Mr. Pickell is an ally of Jacob, and knows of the Gyre.
  • Mr. Pickell was involved in fighting the drug war, and has discovered that the Gyre is the force behind sustaining it.
  • The dream was of the time, in Mexico, when Mr. Pickell met the Gyre. His team was ambushed and almost all killed. The party intervenes and kills the Gyre’s forces, who are all young-looking supers, including one who can open gateways.
  • Apparently Mr. Pickell was rescued by Jacob, but the party intervenes in the dream again and escorts the Gyre away, seeing her face for the first time. She cannot tell them much, being to all appearances a figment of MR. Pickell’s dream.
  • After Mr. Pickell awakens, the party lets him go.
  • Chris’ dreams of a hunter prove true, and the party is contacted by the Hunter. He says they are ‘infected’, wants them to leave town, and has apparently already killed Emily.
  • Ailisa, acting on her own, tracks the hunter down and takes him out in hand-to-hand combat.
  • The group discovers that the Hunter was away during the Gulf War, and his sister was turned into a super. He tells them his family was killed because his sister confided in them.
  • The hunter proves difficult to reason with, and the party ends up killing of him and disposing of his body.
  • Cracking the password on the Hunter’s laptop, the party discovers pictures of high-magnification blood slides, with some strange cells circled.
  • Dr. Hartly tells them that this is a bacterium, an extremely large one, and confirms its existence in all the party members.
  • The Ghuls have a damaged version of the bacterium, visibly different from Kayla’s, alleviating some of the worry that she will turn into them.
  • The bacterium does not seem to be man-made, or is at least much larger and more complex than any that can be genetically engineered by man. It also does not appear to be very virulant: initial tests show a strong immune response in lymph nodes.


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