And Not For Justice

Paranoid Angles

Episode 15

In-game time: End of week of Nov 22nd, 2010

  • The group speaks with the Warper and tentatively agrees to leave town. However, they are unwilling to abandon Julie Salinas. They manage to intimidate the Warper quite thoroughly in the dream world.
  • Making their way to the hospital, Kayla managed to convince the nurse that she is Julie Salinas’ guardian, using illusions. A brief lapse in her power indicates that her donor has died. She grabs onto another one willfully.
  • Waiting in Julie Salinas’ room is the Warper. Kayla runs, and the group scuffles with him, ending up killing him.
  • Ailisa finds out she can heal people by pulling their wounds into her own body. Since she can already heal supernaturally fast, this works out for her.
  • The group drops the mother off to be taken in by social services. Joel Stryk repays them with information.
  • The party makes it back to the beach house for the Saturday night party.
  • The car, and the guns, are sent back the long way, while the party attempts to fly to Chicago.


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