And Not For Justice


Unseen Forces


  • “Don’t worry, Senator,” Dr. Ellis assures. “We’ve got an anklet on him, and the nurses believe that they’ve all been injected with a tracking device. If the girl can do what you say, he’ll be convinced it’s pointless to try and… teleport… away.”
  • Grumbling obscenities, Emir runs for the elevator out of his apartment, watching the doors close on the boy inside. At the last second the the doors slide open, and gasping for breath, the nurse grins, “Thanks. Dr. Ellis is a real asshole, and I can’t afford to be late. Haven’t seen you around? New here?” “Not exactly,” replies Kevin with a smile.


  • Shaking her head, Sarah argues with the newcomer. “No, look. I know it sounds crazy, but we’ve seen Lawson kid break needles on her skin. And it’s not like superman, it turns to fucking metal. So don’t argue to me about the laws of fucking thermodynamics.”
  • Although the girl, sitting comatose in the chair, has never spoken a word to him, Brandon babbles away. “Yeah, best if we keep everything confused, you know? I mean, people will still find out, but it will be contained, and I’ll make sure no one really pays attention. The odd person will, of course, like a stray muscle fiber, but… not a big deal. It’ll be fine.” He doesn’t sound convincing, even to himself.


  • Taking a deep breath, Kevin turns to Emir besides him. “Just bring me in and introduce me to everyone, and we’ll be even.” The high-schooler shakes his head, “Can’t believe I’m walking /into/ this place,” and takes the box of cupcakes with him. Everyone likes cupcakes, and it’s rude to turn down a gift.
  • Displaying his infamous temper, the entire office can hear Dr. Ellis. “What the hell do you /mean/ the raid failed? What the hell is a raid, and what the hell does that have to do with my God damn data?”


  • Mrs. Carazza frowns, looking around the memorial service. So few of Mr. Kearns’ students there. Turning to her husband, she asks, “Where is Kevin?” Almost angrily, Mr. Carazza snaps his reply, “I can’t even find our daughter, how do you expect me to know where anyone else is? How the fuck can the hospital give me this kind of runaround! There are laws!” Wincing, Mrs. Carazza turns to stare back over the crowd, the silence growing uncomfortable.
  • “Just do your job and make sure they take the pills,” Dr. Ellis snipes. Turning, he frowns at Sarah, “Does this look like take your kid to work day?” Clearly uncomfortable, the nurse responds awkwardly, “Dr. Ellis, this is Kevin. He came to fix the computers. As a favor.” Grumbling, Dr. Ellis reluctantly plays nice, “Well, maybe it’ll take a kid to fix this god-damned mess. I’ll owe you big if you can get the computers running.”


  • “Samantha, what’s going on?” Brandon says, storming into the room. The girl, of course, does not respond. “All the sudden you’re avoiding their computers? Why?” Silence greets him. Grumbling, Brandon turns leaves the room, “You better know what you’re doing.” Only as he is opening the doors do the speakers crackle to life, and a monotone, computerized voice drones out, “You worry so, Zeitgeist. Too many years doing this on your own. Have I disappointed the Gyre yet?”
  • Kevin coughs nervously, looking over the assembled staff. “I’m glad we all met here, even those of you off today. I just have a few request, and then everyone can go. Dr. Ellis, let the patients go, and shut down the lab. I think we can all agree that it would be best to tell the senator that there’s nothing special about the patients. Sarah, destroy all the evidence, and pretend that nothing strange ever happened. Everyone else, just don’t mention to this to anyone.”


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