And Not For Justice

I Wanna Be Sedated

The group had been sequestered in an clinic with no known name. The boys and girls were separated in their rooms while tests were being performed on them. Not liking getting answers as to what was going on Chris attempted an escaped, which failed. After taking a nurse’s badge and attempting to escape the room two guards came brandishing shock-sticks.

After a fight the began to release a gas into the room at which point Ty teleported out of the room and opened it so that Chris and Ty could make a break for it. Both were quickly shot with tranq darts and the attempt failed. After several more attempts to escape Chris was isolated and the test continued until their release thanks to Kevin’s efforts.

After leaving the hospital, without their records, the group went to a hotel while attempting to make plans. Chris attempted to find information digitally about the clinic with no success. Ty went to meet his father and discuss his abduction. Kayla sent pictures to her parents telling them she was fine. Ailisa sent information to her contact with updates. Eventually the group decided to go back to their homes and not run away, with Chris toying with the idea of faking his own death.


sfogarty UnjustCustos

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