And Not For Justice

Episode 1 - TGIF

In which we learn we're not alone

Mr. Kearns was late today, which never happens. Then there was the school assembly, where the principal was talking about the school having an arsonist, and he burst into flames mid-speech. Christian tried to put the principal out, Tywen went for a fire extinguisher while the rest of the room spontaneously combusted around them. After noticing a fellow student giggling, Kayla attempted to dive-tackle him, at which point he promptly burst into flames. With the help of Ailisa and Tywen, Kayla brought him down, after which Mr. Kearns knocked him unconscious and framed him. During the takedown, the four super-students found themselves in a Matrix-like white room, while time in the ‘real world’ appeared to have stopped.

After the takedown, and the cops interviewing those involved, the super-students met for lunch and came clean about their strange experiences over the last month or two. Ailisa revealed that she has some sort of reflective protective skin, Tywen can teleport, Kayla can read thoughts and project her own, and Christian has sleep-induced prophetic dreams. After discussing their ‘powers’ for a bit, the four decided to split up. Ailisa and Kayla went to the police station to find Vincent, the student who had been setting the fires, while Tywen and Christian went to find Mr. Kearns, to find out why he had covered for them and framed Vincent. The girls had no luck at the station, and met Tywen back at the school to search in vain for Mr. Kearns. Christian induced a dreamstate for himself to see what he could learn. After he woke and said he saw visions of more fire, the four went to Mr. Kearns’ house and confronted him. He was confused, and agreed to touch base with the students more often, but didn’t seem to have an explanation for what was happening to them. The students left Mr. Kearns’ house, and Kayla went to Tywen and Christian’s to attempt to share Christian’s next series of dreams.

And that was Friday.


sfogarty sfogarty

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