And Not For Justice

Elevated Threat, Part 1

Time: Week of Nov 8th, 2010

  • Chris sets up a forum and youtube video leading to it, trying to discover other supers and call them to his aid.
  • Using the senators resources, the party gains control of the Facility and fixes it up as a secret base.
  • The next day, they discover that a series of gruesome deaths in the subway have been reported. They investigate, and find a message referencing Chris as the Soothesayer.
  • The party recruits a diagnostician, Dr. Hartly, who is reporting to the senator.
  • The doctor runs some tests on Kayla, with no initial results.
  • The party finds the Ghuls that killed the mortals, and speaks with them. They have names for the group: Mind-sister for Kayla, Manyplaced for Chris, Mutatia for Ailisa. They offer to help the party against the Gyre, but make no bones of the fact that they kill and eat people. Ominously, they say Kayla “is like them.”
  • Seeking information, the party contacts the KC Crew about the ghuls. They are told that the KC crew has encountered them before, and accepts the KC Crew’s offer of help to kill them.


sfogarty sfogarty

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