And Not For Justice


Episode 12

Game time: Beginning of week of Nov 15th, 2010

  • Using the cell phone of Jacob, the now dead Ghul leader, the party contacts several Ghul allies. One, Mr. Pickel, agrees to come help “Jacob”.
  • The party arranges to have Kayla hidden in the tunnels, with Tywen posing as Jacob and Ailisa and Chris just outside. Unfortunately, Kayla’s hiding abilities are sub-par, and she is spotted by the ally, Mr. Pickel. Mr. Pickel turns out to be a very good shot, and Kayla is shortly unconscious and bleeding out.
  • Chris manages to blow a large hole in Mr. Pickel’s shoulder, while Tywen teleports Kayla into a hospital.
  • Kevin is recruited to investigate Mr. Pickel, but hijacks the car to go check on Kayla.
  • Chris manages to save Mr. Pickel’s arm, and the doctor stitches him the rest of the way up.
  • Chris and Tywen arrange to get into the hospital with Kayla by crashing their car. Ailisa explores and finds her in surgery, not expected to live long.
  • Chris manages to connect to Kayla’s mind long enough to explain what has happened.
  • Feeling her life slip away, Kayla grabs onto the life energy of… someone else… and wakes up, her heart beating 6-7 times a minute.
  • Only after tricking the doctors is Kayla allowed to go home.
  • Chris’s criminal stupidity results in him having visions of Mr. Kearns.
  • The group tried to con more information about Mr. Pickel, but didn’t really get much other than “her” and a spare pistol.
  • A youtube link of the killing of the Ghuls is sent to all the contacts on Jacob’s phone.
  • Kevin anoints himself Cupcake boy.
  • Dr. Hartly finds metabolic markers common to the use of powers, but is no closer to discovering a cause.


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