And Not For Justice

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

In-Game Date: Week of Nov 22rd

  • The party takes a few days to recover from the near-death of one of their members, and decides to go to Santa Monica and investigate the information collected from the reporter there.
  • As a cover, they invite a number of classmates to come with them, promising a ‘Spring Break in Winter.’
  • The reporter, Ann Marie Lipinksi proves not very helpful, but gives them a few leads.
  • Unwilling to go unarmed and without a vehicle, the group steals a large numbers of guns and purchases an old car.
  • Investigating the school, the party encounters only some nighttime security.
  • With an excellent recall, Chris figures out from his visions that one of their clues lays at a cheap motel in Santa Monica. There the party discovers Joel Stryk, a survivor of SMHS.
  • The group looks into Sarah Steenberg, the sister of Sean Rossi. While they do not find her, they discover that her mother is currently in a care facility, and her brother is still missing.
  • Working on the charms of the boys, the group speaks with the boyfriend of Brent Lane Moore, who tells them that Brent withdrew from the relationship in his senior year, and started hanging out with ‘a bunch of wierd people.’
  • Joel leaves the party a gift: a key card and room number for the King George Hotel in San Francisco.
  • A long drive later, the party enters the King George hotel and find Julie Salinas: the comatose mother of one of the SMHS missing persons.
  • Julie is almost entirely unresponsive
  • Only a bit too late does the party discover that the room is being monitored. The Warper, an ugly looking super with the power to bend space and come from the corners, confronts them, breaks some arms, and crushes some guns.
  • Tywen buys the group some time by teleporting the Warper to the middle of the bay. This appears to at least slow him down.
  • The group calls the hospital to pick up Julie, and takes Tywen to get his arm splinted.


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